User Experience Design of a mobile app
that helps people save money.

User Experience Design

Making savings could be a tedious process with people facing issues like overspending, the need to keep track of budget, irregular income, etc. I’ve designed Savirr – an application that helps people save money intuitively and consistently, so every opportunity to save is used with ease.

Savirr links your bank accounts to goals, tracks how far you are from reaching those goals, and lets you transfer money between accounts instantly, as well as set up recurring transfers and reminders. No need to log into your bank accounts, now you can use a simple and intuitive one-stop interface to take care of all of your saving needs!

Activities and Deliverables: User Interviews, 2 Design Concepts, Storyboards, Lo-Fi Paper Prototype, User Flow, Wireframes, Lo-Fi Interactive Prototype, User Testing.

Technology: UXPin, InVision.

Graphic Design

Once the layout and functionality were tested, I created the final look and feel.

Activities and Deliverables: Visual Design, Hi-Fi Interactive Prototypes.

Technology: Sketch, InVision.

Check out the Hi-Fi Prototype here!

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